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Drinking in Season: Lavender French 75

Drinking in Season Kelly Carámbula 3 comments

Thank goodness spring is finally here. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, I mean, what more could you want? Perhaps a tasty cocktail, that's what. With all the action going on outside, I decided it was high time to create a floral-inspired cocktail. Lavender, a relative to the mint family, is the perfect starting point. More

Drinking in Season: Spring Sangria

Drinking in Season Kelly Carámbula 1 comment

This nontraditional fresh-and-light sangria features rosé instead of red wine, paired with a collection of invigorating citrus like Sumo oranges, kumquats, and lemons. Another layer of flavor is added by infusing the simple syrup with ginger for a subtle boost. More

Beyond Sangria: 5 Wine-Based Cocktail Recipes from Ardesia in NYC

Where to Drink: New York Maggie Hoffman 4 comments

Ardesia in Hell's Kitchen has an impressive cocktail list—and there's not a spirit to be found at their bar. That's right: since their liquor license is wine and beer only, they can't serve gin, bourbon, or vodka, but bartender Damon Gravina has crafted a collection of complex and delicious wine-based cocktails that put sangria to shame. For inspiration, he looked to some of the flavors inherent in wine: fruit and spice, to start. From there, he experimented with vermouth, bitters, and a variety of infusions. More

Brunch Drinks: Lychee Bellini

Heather Arndt Anderson 1 comment

Girly classics like mimosas and bellinis are popular morning cocktails for a reason: they're effervescent, fruity, and perfect for washing down a frittata and a yogurt parfait. More

4 Great Sangria Recipes for Summer Entertaining

Maggie Hoffman 16 comments

You've got a grill, you've got the grillables. You've got deck chairs and a kiddie pool and hopefully a cooler full of pilsner. But a summer party is even more festive with a big pitcher of sangria. And we're not just talking the standard stuff; here are four fun variations on the classic mix of wine, fruit, and spirits. More

Hot Weather Refreshers: Campari and Aperol Spritz

Maggie Hoffman 7 comments

Before dinner, you need an apertif that quenches your thirst and gets your mouth watering: a bittersweet spritz made with Campari or Aperol is just the ticket. These effervescent drinks are especially refreshing on a hot day, and the perfect partner for a few predinner snacks. More

Brunch Drinks: Two Fun Bellini Variations

Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

There's nothing wrong with classic brunch drinks, and we wouldn't turn down a Bellini made with puréed white peaches and prosecco. But the fruit + sparkling wine formula lends itself beautifully to all sorts of breakfast-friendly cocktails, and you might as well get creative. Here are two unusual Bellini variations that we enjoyed recently. More

The Best Two Buck Chuck (and What To Do With It)

The Serious Eats Team 50 comments

Did you realize there are seven varieties of Two (or Three) Buck Chuck on the shelf at Trader Joe's? Here at Serious Eats, we take that kind of thing as a challenge. Which is the best Two Buck Chuck? What should you do with the bad stuff, besides pouring it down the drain? The answers may surprise you. More

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