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Drinking George Washington's Whiskey

Drinking in History Reid Mitenbuler 6 comments

The biggest question on my mind before a recent trip to the Mt. Vernon distillery: "Did George Washington's wooden teeth add a little bit of extra aging to whatever whiskey he drank?" I quickly learned that the wooden teeth thing is a myth. One set of his false teeth was composed of a cow's tooth, one of Washington's own teeth, and hippopotamus ivory, making his mouth a Noah's Ark of dental wizardry. More

More New White Whiskey: Jacob's Ghost from Jim Beam

Spirit Reviews Andrew Strenio 8 comments

The white whiskey wars continue! If you were excited by the pending release of the Jack Daniel's unaged Tennessee rye but put off by the steep asking price, then look no further. The latest release from Jim Beam, Jacob's Ghost White Whiskey, is positioning to steal JD's thunder and undercut their price point. And no, it's not just a spooky spirit—this whiskey has real potential to become a mainstay in bars and liquor cabinets across the country. More

Great White Whiskey: New Unaged Rye from Jack Daniel's

Spirit Reviews Andrew Strenio 11 comments

Apparently Jack Daniel's is interested in bringing a rye whiskey to market, so they've tinkered with a new mashbill for the first time since Prohibition. But the results coming off the still were so good that they decided to release a limited quantity of that juice straight to the public. It's a pretty gutsy move, and I'm not sure whether it's a response to the explosion in craft distilleries offering their white dogs to the public, or whether they want to build visibility for the eventual release of their aged rye. Either way, it's easily the best white whiskey I've tried in quite some time. More

Behind the Scenes at House Spirits Distillery

Behind the Scenes Heather Arndt Anderson 3 comments

I am standing in House Spirits Distillery, and Executive Distiller Matt Mounts is waxing poetic and dropping science about the nuances between Turkish raki, Middle Eastern arak and Greek ouzo. More

Old-school Distilleries Take a Page from the Microdistiller Playbook

Paul Clarke 2 comments

Now, as more small-scale craft distillers are starting to get into the whiskey business, the American whiskey part of the liquor store is becoming a much more dynamic place. As Malt Advocate publisher John Hansell noted last week on his blog, the boundaries between old-school, large-scale distillers and brand-new, small-scale startups are becoming increasingly blurred. More

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