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Where to Go for Happy Hour in Washington, DC

Where to Drink: Washington DC Brian Oh 4 comments

Sure, there are bars with dollar PBRs or cheap, passable wings; those are a dime a dozen. But these Washington, DC happy hours are excellent on their own merits. Looking for a discounted impeccably curated beer list? Cheap well-made cocktails? There's a happy hour for you somewhere in town. Here's our guide to the best options. More

How Derek Brown of Washington DC's Eat the Rich Pairs Drinks With Oysters

Where to Drink: Washington DC Brian Oh 1 comment

"Gin, Champagne, and crisp white wines are the triumvirate of great oyster pairings." So says Derek Brown of DC's The Passenger and the more recent Mockingbird Hill. Hot off of a mission to spread the good wood about sherry at the latter, Brown has now turned his sights on oysters. Adding another stone to his ever-expanding empire two doors down from Mockingbird Hill is the newly minted Eat the Rich. More

The Best Dive Bars in the Washington DC Area

Where to Drink: Washington DC Brian Oh 10 comments

Washington DC has its share of trendy cocktail bars and hipster hideouts, but the district's dive bars have clung to life, thriving on decades of drinking history and fierce local loyalty. Here are 8 of our favorite dive bars in the DC area. More

We Tour Atlas Brew Works, Washington DC's 4th Brewery

Behind the Scenes Brian Oh Post a comment

2013 has been something of a banner year for Washington DC's food and drink scene and there's little sign of slowing. One of the latest additions is the fourth major brewery to come online in the District. More

5 Brunch Cocktails We Love in Washington, DC

Where to Drink: Washington DC Brian Oh 3 comments

In the right shaker, brunch drinks can be just as imaginative as any other cocktail. Here are five we love in Washington, DC. More

Battle Your Hangover with Pizza from RedRocks in Washington DC

Justin Cohen 1 comment

If you're anywhere near RedRocks' four DC-area locations, you can feel comfortable taking that extra shot of Fireball at 2 a.m. knowing that this pizza awaits you in the morning. More

First Look: Sherry and Ham at Mockingbird Hill, Washington DC

First Look Brian Oh 4 comments

The new DC bar from husband and wife duo Derek Brown and Chantal Tseng has over 50 sherries on hand already. More

Hangover Helper: Oxtail Gravy and Biscuits at Beuchert's Saloon in Washington, DC

Hangover Helper Brian Oh 2 comments

The boys behind the newly opened Prohibition-era inspired diner Beuchert's Saloon know a thing or two about hangovers. More

First Look: Black Whiskey, Washington DC

First Look Brian Oh 1 comment

With 60 to 70 whiskies behind the bar, bar manager Jack Caminos wants people to explore the complex array of flavors that whiskey can offer. More

Negroni Variations: 4 Recipes from Fiola in Washington, DC

Recipe Roundups Brian Oh 2 comments

Jeff Faile has crafted an evolving list of Negroni-inspired cocktails that occupies an entire page of Fiola's cocktail menu. Currently clocking in at six, the list includes a Negroni based on pisco, a clear version with Cocchi Americano and Dolin Blanc, and a richer one made with Barolo Chinato and Old Tom Gin. Each variation exposes new flavor possibilities for the drink. Lucky for you, we got the recipes for 4 favorites. More

First Look: The Rye Bar, Washington DC

First Look Brian Oh 1 comment

The Rye Bar has roughly a dozen ryes behind the 26-seat bar at any given time. Classic rye cocktails on the list get subtle twists: the Old(er) Fashioned uses an aged sherry instead of sugar, and the Manhattan, made with Dad's Hat Pennsylvania rye, Dolin sweet vermouth, Byrrh Quinquina, and housemade orange bitters, is aged in a 15 gallon barrel for six weeks to impart a subtle oaky funkiness that's proven to be extremely popular (Beverage director Will Rentschler went through his first batch of 250 Manhattans in a week). More

So This Exists: Spherified Sake Dai-drop at Daikaya, Washington DC

Where to Drink: Washington DC Brian Oh 5 comments

The Dai-drop ($7 each; 6 for $35) is a high-minded take on a decidedly low brow imbiber's pasttime. Using a compound of calcium chloride and sodium alginate (a naturally occurring substance derived from brown algae), the sake is encapsulated within a thin film that bursts under light pressure. Just be careful when you drink it. More

First Look: barmini by José Andrés in Washington DC

First Look Brian Oh Post a comment

The menu of 100+ cocktails represents a 'journey through the history of cocktails' from classics to the avant garde. The menu ranges from traditional libations like a Manhattan to inventive interpretations like the Cotton Candy Old Fashioned. More

6 Great Happy Hours in Dupont Circle, Washington DC

Where to Drink: Washington DC Brian Oh 2 comments

If there's one thing better than making it to 5 p.m. with your sanity intact, it's finding a great happy hour to help you unwind. This isn't always an easy task, especially in neighborhoods with an overabundance of bars and restaurants like Dupont Circle. More

Bartender's Choice: Todd Thrasher On What to Order at TNT Bar, Arlington VA

Bartender's Choice Brian Oh 1 comment

Todd Thrasher's TNT Bar in Arlington takes a bombastic approach—the menu is comprised of cocktails inspired by classic rock songs and a "Road Trip" section of drinks borrowed from Thrasher's friends across the country. More

First Look: Hogo, a New Rum Bar from The Passenger Team, Washington DC

First Look Brian Oh Post a comment

Head just two doors down from The Passenger in Washington, DC, and you'll be greeted by the giant face of Bill Murray's Steve Zissou. Step inside, pay your respects to Zombie Elvis on your immediate left, and you'll find the new rum bar by the brothers Tom and Derek Brown (of The Passenger). Hogo is your opportunity to explore the Caribbean vicariously through Tom's ever-growing collection of more than 80 different rums and a bevy of Caribbean inspired cocktails. More

Celebrate with These 5 Sparkling Cocktail Recipes from D.C. Bartenders

Recipe Roundups Brian Oh 1 comment

We asked a few of our favorite bartenders around town to share some bubbly cocktail recipes—festive drinks that are just right for impressing your fellow holiday revelers. Ranging from simple variations on the classic Champagne cocktail to more elaborate concoctions, these 5 holiday libations are sure to liven up your holiday season. More

First Look: Hot Cocktails at Poste's Winter Cocktail Lounge, Washington DC

First Look Brian Oh 1 comment

It might seem counter-intuitive to drink cocktails outside during the winter months, but Poste Moderne Brasserie in D.C.'s Penn Quarter is making its case with its newly launched "Cour de l'Hiver." Turning its outdoor courtyard into a winter lounge complete with fire pits, heat lamps, and thick wool blankets, you can complete your defense against the cold with one of lead bartender Jason Wiles' hot libations. More

Bartender's Choice: What to Order At Firefly in Washington, DC

Bartender's Choice Brian Oh 5 comments

Anyone who's been to Firefly in Dupont Circle has been greeted by the large tree just inside the entrance. The tree establishes a storybook feel that's only been enhanced by Firefly's recent renovation. With more reclaimed wood, a kitchen façade made to look like a cottage, and warm, overhead lighting designed to emulate the soft glow of a firefly, dining at Firefly feels even more like being deep in a thick forest than before. And the new bar manager, Jon Harris (formerly of The Gibson), has taken cues from the wilderness/fairy tale aesthetic in crafting the newly launched bar program. More

Bartender's Choice: What to Order this Fall at Ted's Bulletin in Washington, DC

Bartender's Choice Brian Oh 2 comments

You probably already know that the folks over at the 30s era inspired diner, Ted's Bulletin, make a killer alcoholic milkshake, but their bar is more than boozy shakes and homemade pop-tarts. Mixologist George Menold has been working hard on upping the cocktail game at Ted's to differentiate itself from other DC bars. To that end, Menold's been experimenting with a variety of techniques and ingredients, including barrel aging and infusions, plus a truly unusual ice program. More

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