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Brewery to Watch: Propolis Brewing, Port Townsend, WA

"We'd like to see interest in herbal brewing expand, but we don't want to put ourselves in that category," says Robert Horner of Propolis Brewing. "So much of what we're doing is influenced by place, French-Belgian brewing, the countryside, old England, Old World. Our ales, they're herbal, but they have a lot more in common with a Westmalle or Dupont than most of the gruits on market." More

Washington Wine Battle: Columbia Crest vs. Chateau Ste. Michelle

We tried a few popular and widely-available Columbia Valley-sourced bottles from Chateau Ste. Michelle and Columbia Crest Grand Estates (both part of the Ste. Michelle Wine Estates collective). You can usually find Columbia Crest for around $10, whereas the Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley wines are closer to $14. But are the extra few dollars worth it? More

Where to Drink Coffee in Seattle

It's the Starbucks Capital of the USA, the birthplace of specialty coffee in America and the only place you can reliably get a cappuccino at the laundromat—so why aren't there more truly exceptional coffee places in Seattle? We've got our hunches—it's a city steeped in a certain tradition of coffee, and one where there's plenty of coffee that's at least very good—so digging the most special cafes out of the throngs of "specialty cafes" can be a toughie. And though any rundown of the top of the tops in the Emerald City is sure to incite minor street riots, we're pleased to point you toward the truly best stops on the Seattle Coffee Tour, as we see it. More

Behind the Scenes at Pike Brewing Company, Seattle, WA

In 1989, Charles and Rose Ann Finkel took over Liberty Malt Supply Company, founded in 1921, and opened The Pike Place Brewery in the La Salle Hotel under the Pike Place Public Market—a landmark spot in Seattle and one of the longest running continually operated farmers' markets in the US. In 1995 Pike moved to a new location next to the market and changed name to Pike Brewing Company. The current location is a multi-level brewery, pub, restaurant, and beer museum. Check out our snapshots of the brewery behind the scenes. More

A Brief History of Beer in Seattle

While the Seattle area is known today as a great beer destination, its brewing history goes back nearly to the city's official founding, and far pre-dates Washington's statehood. It is a convoluted story of changing ownership, expansion and re-consolidation that could easily merit its own book—so consider this the short version. More

Snapshots from Harvest in Washington State Wine Country

When I was invited by the Washington State Wine Commission to check out Eastern Washington's grape-growing areas in mid-October, I figured the grapes would be picked already, and we'd probably be looking at stripped-bare vines and smelling the sweet, bready aroma of juice fermenting into wine in the cellar. But it's been cool in the Northwest—so cool that harvest was just beginning when I arrived. More

Serious Beer: Washington Amber Ales

This is the last stop on our amber ale road trip up the West Coast. These amber (and sometimes red) ales are one of the styles the Pacific Northwest is known for, and it's now pretty easy to see why. These amber ales manage to strike a balance between bready, biscuity malt and fragrant, fruity hops. Many great Washington beers don't make it far from their breweries, but we were able to try nine different amber ales from the Evergreen State. More

The Cider Press: Tieton Ciders Works, Washington

There is something distinctly American about the ciders coming out of Tieton Cider Works. At their core, they are representations the Pacific Northwest landscape—they're simultaneously lush and adventurous. But upon further inspection, there is also a defined European heritage in these complex, yet refined, apple blends. The result of this lineage is a cider that works as well at a Michelin starred restaurant as it does at a backyard barbecue. This week we had a chance to catch up with Brooklyn transplant Cindy Richter, the original cider maker and a current partner at Tieton Cider Works in Tieton, Washington. More

Seattle: New Classic Cocktails at The Zig Zag Cafe

A few weeks back, I visited Seattle for a few days. I was by myself, and on the lookout for friendly places with good drinks. I struck gold at Zig-Zag Cafe. With a name like that, you don't expect to find a world-class bar, particularly not on the odd side street off of Pike Place Market where it's located. But Murray Stenson, the veteran barman behind the counter, was recently named "The Best Bartender in America" by a panel of fellow bartenders at the Tales of the Cocktail festival in New Orleans last July. Deservedly so. More

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