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5 Great Places to Drink Cocktails in Richmond, VA

Kevin Liu 8 comments

Richmond isn't the first city you might think of for craft cocktails, but if you know where to look, you can find surprisingly great drinks served up in bars full of Southern charm. Now that I live here, I can think of no better place to find a great cocktail. More

The Best Ciders We Drank at Virginia Cider Week 2013

Event Recaps Chris Lehault 1 comment

We went down to Virginia and were pleased to discover that 2013 was a great year for local cider from longstanding cider makers and fresh new ones. More

Drinking George Washington's Whiskey

Drinking in History Reid Mitenbuler 6 comments

The biggest question on my mind before a recent trip to the Mt. Vernon distillery: "Did George Washington's wooden teeth add a little bit of extra aging to whatever whiskey he drank?" I quickly learned that the wooden teeth thing is a myth. One set of his false teeth was composed of a cow's tooth, one of Washington's own teeth, and hippopotamus ivory, making his mouth a Noah's Ark of dental wizardry. More

10 Favorite Sips and Bites from Virginia Cider Week

Event Recaps Chris Lehault 1 comment

This week's Virginia Cider Week is the first time the community has come together to officially claim their presence in the emerging American cider scene. Check out our slideshow to see all that the South's most predominant cider region has to offer. More

Hangover Helper: 'Castro's Mess' at Millie's Diner in Richmond, VA

Hangover Helper Carey Jones 4 comments

With a laid-back diner feel but a menu that's a little more ambitious than any old joint's, Millie's Diner is the kind of place I'd expect to have an enormously satisfying brunch; and luckily, that's the case. More

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