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My Favorite Coffee Videos

If your weekend was anything like mine, it may have included one (or two?) too many margaritas. To help perk up your Monday morning, here's a selection of some of my very favorite coffee videos: I always play through this caffeinated list when I'm feeling a little bit, shall we say, sluggish to start. More

'Our Evening Began in Peter Sichel's Comfortable Study in His New York Townhouse'

If you've ever wondered about the origin of the wine-talk sample in the Beastie Boys' "Blue Nun" (Check Your Head), look no further. It's from an audio guide to wine titled On Wine: How to Select and Serve by wine merchant Peter M.F. Sichel, who was responsible for popularizing the Blue Nun wine brand throughout the world. Sichel tells the Beastie Boys story in a video after the jump. More

Video: How To Make Root Beer

Combine sugar, yeast, root beer extract, and cold water in a large jug, shake the jug, let it sit for a few days at room temperature, and cool it in the refrigerator—ta da, homemade root beer! Basically. For more detailed instructions, check out this video from Howcast. More

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