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The Serious Eats Vermont Beer Guide

Mike Reis 8 comments

If you're headed to Vermont for a visit, here's our guide to the best beers to drink when you arrive. More

Orleans Aperitif Ciders: Vermont-Made Alternatives to Campari and Lillet

Maggie Hoffman 4 comments

Domestic vermouth is super-hot right now—there's a bevy of small producers making new vermouths using high-quality wine and a range of both traditional and experimental flavorings. But what about alternatives to classic bitter cocktail ingredients like Campari and Lillet? Enter Vermont's Eden Ice Cider, with their new bitter aperitif ciders. More

On the Beer Trail: The Alchemist's Heady Topper IPA in Vermont

On the Beer Trail Ethan Fixell 18 comments

Sometimes the ideal setting can elevate an excellent drink to perfection; relishing a place can make an enjoyable flavor even more delicious. I was lucky enough to experience this phenomenon in Burlington, Vermont, where I enjoyed one of the best beers of my life. More

6 Vermont Craft Beer Bars To Visit During Fall Foliage

Corin Hirsch 4 comments

For those who love both changing leaves and craft beer equally, Vermont is not only dotted with 26 craft breweries—the most per capita of any state—but also some innovative beer bars with carefully-curated taps and bottle lists. More

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