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Snapshots from Turkey: Istanbul Tea Culture

Carey Jones 9 comments

Ferry boats, pomegranates, Bosphorus views, steep hills, stunning skylines—all among my favorite things about Istanbul. Also up there? Turkish tea culture. As in: you're drinking tea. Everywhere. All the time. And every micro-neighborhood has its own tea guy. More

Snapshots from Turkey: Boza, the Fermented Millet Drink

Carey Jones 1 comment

There are more than a few foods in Turkey that sound strange to outsiders: chicken breast pudding, lamb's intestines, sheep's head sandwiches (more on that in a future post!). I'd definitely put the drink boza in that category—fermented millet, thick and sweet and a little, well, slimy. More

Around the Caffeinated World: The Ottoman Empire

Meister 3 comments

Both the cultivation and the culture around a coffee crop can differ wildly from place to place, origin to origin, as traditions are handed down through generations. Our third stop along the timeline of coffee's trip around the world is the vast Ottoman Empire, which is responsible for brewed coffee's first trips west through Europe. More

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