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Ask a Barista: What's the Best Tip You've Ever Gotten?

Coffee Meister 4 comments

Baristas naturally appreciate the extra green in their tip jars, but there's something to be said about the little special extras that pass across the counter as well. We asked nine baristas what the best tip they every got was. (Surprisingly, none answered with, "Don't take any wooden nickles.") More

From Behind the Bar: On Tipping

From Behind the Bar Michael J. Neff 53 comments

On the surface, tending bar looks easy. You pour ingredients in to a glass, shake them up, and voila! That'll be twelve bucks, and please don't forget to tip your bartender. After slogging through the corporate grind, the free-wheeling life of a bartender looks ideal. No early meetings. No taking your work home. People operate under the illusion that bartending is easy, lucrative, and comes with a number of fringe benefits that are unattainable for people who lead more conventional lives. Working for tips, though, is a double-edged sword. More

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