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Beer on TV: We Chat With James Watt of the New Show Brew Dogs

Mike Reis Post a comment

Tomorrow, Esquire TV will premiere the new show, which follows two quirky brewers as they tour the US making unusual beers in even more unusual locations. We chat with James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, who stars in the series. More

What Are They Drinking on Mad Men?

Drinking in History Reid Mitenbuler 8 comments

What are the characters on Mad Men drinking? The short answer: everything, all the time. They also drink so much it's a surprise the alcohol vapors don't explode every time they light up their Lucky Strikes. But the specific drinks that the characters on Mad Men drink show us a period in American history when the drinkscape uniquely reflected the cultural forces that created it. More

Drinking Downton Abbey: The Drinks in Britain's Most Popular Drama

Drinking in History Reid Mitenbuler 12 comments

You could probably design a pretty good drinking game around Downton Abbey. Just take a drink every time Lady Grantham says, "Poor Edith," Bates falls on his sword, or Thomas reminds you of a vampire. But what do you drink while watching? More

Our 5 Favorite TV Coffee Shops

Coffee Meister 4 comments

Even caf├ęs can have their 15 minutes of fame: Surely you don't think Magnolia Bakery is the only pilgrimage TV fans make when visiting New York. Here, a few of our favorite coffee shops—both real and fictional—made famous by the boob tube. More

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