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5 Coffee Tattoos We Love

Coffee Meister 1 comment

Even if I am as sick as everyone else is of hearing about "tattooed hipster baristas," I'll cop to also being kind of impressed that anyone loves making coffee enough to, you know, get it permanently inked onto one's skin. Here are a few of our favorite pieces. More

Drinks Ink: 14 Cocktail, Beer, and Wine-Related Tattoos

Maggie Hoffman 4 comments

Think you're devoted to finely made cocktails, beer, wine, and spirits? These folks—barmen (and women), winemongers, and craft beer evangelists—have made a lifetime commitment to drinks, putting their love in indelible ink. Check out these 14 drinks-related tattoos and tell us: if you were to get a cocktail, beer, or wine tattoo, what would it be? More

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