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Ask A Sommelier: Which Wines Go Best With Sushi?

Sushi and beer are an awesome combination, and many folks like to order sake with sushi (even if it might not be strictly traditional), but you might be surprised how delicious wine and sushi can be together. Whether it's a salty-seeming coastal white wine from Italy, or a palate-cleansing sparkler from France or Spain, wine can make for a truly special sushi meal. Which bottles should you pop? We asked 11 sommeliers for tips. More

The Cider Press: Tips for Pairing Fish and Cider

Like that old (and often incorrect) adage that fish always tastes best with white wine, people often assume that hard cider and fish (both light in body) are always going to be a natural match. It's sometimes true, but not all ciders are the same, and there are many, many kinds (and preparations) of fish in the sea. Here are a few tips for finding a delicious pairing. More

Beer Pairings: What to Drink with Sushi

When pairing beers with sushi one might first be tempted to deal with that sinus-clearing wasabi. But many of sushi's main constituents are big umami providers, including soy sauce, seaweed, and of course raw fish. The best pairings enhance these flavors, in turn toning down the horseradishy heat of any wasabi. More

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