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12 Drinks to Mix for Your Super Bowl Party

Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

As you plot your Super Bowl party, you're probably thinking about wings and dips, nachos and chili, potato skins and of course, a most importantly, a fridge full of beer. But it's nice to have a pitcher of cocktails—and an non-alcoholic option—ready as well. Here are a few ideas to get you started. More

17 Cocktails to Drink During the Super Bowl

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

Maybe you're playing the Super Bowl Drinking Game, maybe you're not. Either way, if you're having a Super Bowl party, you're gonna need drinks. Once you've stocked up on easy-drinking beer, it's time to think about mixed drinks. Margaritas. Bloody Marys. Easy cocktails for those who don't want to crack open one Bud Black Crown after another. More

Ask a Sommelier: What Should I Drink During the Super Bowl?

Ask a Sommelier Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

I'm sure you've invited a sommelier to your Super Bowl bash, presented her with your menu ("We'll do the guacamole as an amuse bouche, and then the 7-layer dip as the first course") and asked for pairing advice. Oh, no? Not yet? Well, we've done the asking for you. More

Let's Get Drunk Watching: Super Bowl XLVII

Drinking Games Vinny Mannering 14 comments

The Super Bowl Drinking Game is the Super Bowl of drinking games. This is the one time of year where you can be fairly certain the majority of the planet is doing two things simultaneously: watching television and drinking. Disappointed Patriots fan, Vinny Mannering, breaks down the Big Game. More

The Best Beer Pairings for Super Bowl Snacks

Beer Pairings Michael Agnew 2 comments

Beers that are too heavy or too hoppy will fill you up and fry your palate. Here are a few recommended beers to sip with your favorite Super Bowl snacks. More

Super Bowl Beer Showdown: New York vs. Boston

Beer Reviews Orr Shtuhl 12 comments

If I'm going to park on a couch all night and watch two teams I was raised to hate, the beer selection had better be up to the task. So in the spirit of sport, we've pitted the Super Bowl cities in a brawl of the brews to see who would come out on top if the best beer town took home the trophy. More

Super Bowl Beer Showdown: Baltimore vs. San Francisco

Beer Reviews Orr Shtuhl 12 comments

All four of the final teams this year hail from hallowed beer ground, so in the spirit of sport, we've pitted the Super Bowl cities in a brawl of the brews to see who would come out on top if the best beer town took home the trophy. We'll compare New York and New England later this week, but in the meantime let's take a look at the also-rans from the conference championships: Baltimore, home of the Ravens, and the 49ers' San Francisco. More

Taste Test: Root Beer, the Regional Brands

Erin Zimmer 31 comments

We get many packages delivered to SE world headquarters. But this was officially the first time that 100 pounds of root beer arrived. Have you ever signed for that much root beer? We hadn't either! It was fun. After trying all the national brands we could get our paws on, we ordered 22 small-batch brands from across America through Galco, the Los Angeles-based soda warehouse and store. Here's a rundown of our ten favorites. More

Taste Test: Root Beer

Erin Zimmer 85 comments

Not everyone loves root beer. Some people really can't stand it. The medicinal, wintergreen, anise-y punch—it's exactly why others love it so much. Remember ordering it as a kid and thinking, how cool, they didn't even card me!...? Flavors can range anywhere from super sweet and cola-esque to herb-crazy, with notes of juniper, wintergreen, vanilla, bark, and licorice. We set out to find the best root beer in America, starting with 11 widely available national brands. More

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