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Diet Soda: New Sunkist TEN, RC Cola TEN, and A&W TEN Are Worth a Try

Leonard Pierce 7 comments

Dr Pepper TEN worked out so well that the Dr Pepper/Snapple group is test-marketing an ambitious expansion of the line, featuring "mid-calorie" versions of 7 Up, A&W root beer, Sunkist orange soda, Canada Dry ginger ale, and RC cola. We tried 'em all. More

Taste Test: Orange Soda

Adam Lindsley 42 comments

Some orange sodas are made with real orange juice, while others are a delightful combination of sodium benzoate, sodium hexametaphosphate, and wood rosin. But do the natural ones come out on top in a blind taste test? We tasted 12 brands of orange soda—was your favorite a winner? More

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