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We Try Cinnabon's Limited-Edition Oreo Mint Chillatta

Fast Food Drinks Adam Lindsley 5 comments

Just in time to compete with McDonald's Shamrock Shake and Dunkin' Donuts' Lucky Mint Coolatta for your neon-green-tinted-drink dollars, Cinnabon is rolling out its limited-time-only Oreo Mint Chillatta. It's a frozen beverage that looks just like a shake but does not at all drink like one. More

We Try the Lucky Mint Coolatta at Dunkin' Donuts

Fast Food Drinks Craig Cavallo Post a comment

When it comes to sweet, minty, St. Patrick's Day-inspired fast food drinks, most folks channel their excitement toward the Shamrock Shake from McDonald's. But the new Lucky Mint Coolatta ($3 for a small, pictured) from Dunkin' Donuts gives that green drink a run for its money. More

Beyond Green Beer: 5 Great Chartreuse Cocktails for St. Patrick's Day

Cocktail 101 Michael Dietsch 6 comments

Today's drinks feature the lushly herbal Chartreuse in all its emerald glory. So leave your "Kiss Me I'm Irish" button in your junk drawer where it belongs and celebrate another way. More

Awesome New Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey: Powers John's Lane

Spirit Reviews Andrew Strenio 3 comments

Irish whiskey is experiencing a bit of a renaissance these days. Though the category has often been overlooked by connoisseurs and critics alike, there's no better time to be a supporter. Just in time for St. Patrick's day, Powers John's Lane is coming stateside, and giving Red Breast 12 Cask Strength (which I've previously considered the best Irish whiskey available in the US) a run for its money. More

Beer and Food Pairings for St. Patrick's Day

Beer Pairings Michael Agnew 5 comments

St. Patty's Day is here again. This holiday perhaps more than any other—particularly the religious ones—is associated with drinking beer. It's a suds-fueled release of energies pent-up during Lent's long days of denial. Another important part of this Saint's day celebration is the adoption of certain "traditionally Irish" foods. Sounds to me like the perfect excuse to create some tasty beer and food pairings. More

It's Back: the Shamrock Shake at McDonald's

Fast Food Drinks Lauren Rothman 25 comments

People go gaga over this drink: each Shamrock season, blogs (like, well, us) and news sites around the country hail its return to the McDonald's menu, and there's even an entire website, shamrockshake.com, devoted to tracking down the milkshake (which, presumably, will be a lot easier to do this year, but that hasn't stopped users from breathlessly posting local "sightings"). What is it about this soft-serve creation that gets people so fired up? More

St. Patrick's Day Milkshake: Forget Mint, Use Pistachios

Lee Zalben 4 comments

Mint isn't even part of the Irish tradition at all. It's just an inexpensive way to turn a lot of things green on St. Paddy's. I have nothing against mint; it's a lovely herb and has great flavor. But isn't it time that pistachios got some St. Patrick's Day love? More

Beer Pairings: What to Drink with Corned Beef and Cabbage

Beer Pairings Michael Agnew 9 comments

Corned beef and cabbage is best with lighter-flavored beers so it won't be overpowered. Dry Irish stouts are a great place to start, but my favorite pick is a red ale from Dublin with subtle caramel flavors and moderate bitterness. More

The Cider Press: Irish Cider

Chris Lehault 7 comments

I could wax poetic about Ireland's budding cider revival and hand-crafted Irish ciders, but shipping a bottle of cider half way around the world is expensive, and Irish ciders aren't widely available in the States. Instead, we pretty much have one option in America for a St. Patrick's Day cider: Magners. More

Serious Beer for St. Patrick's Day: What's Brewing in Ireland?

Beer Reviews Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

When you think of Irish beer, you probably picture a perfect pint of Guinness or a refreshing glass of Harp. But what else is brewing in Ireland? We looked into the craft brewing scene on the Emerald Isle, and were pleased to discover that a few entrepreneurial folks are trying to provide the public with alternatives to mass-produced beers. More

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