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Where to Drink in the West Village: 10 Great Cocktails

Where to Drink: New York Carey Jones 8 comments

While the East Village may be the more expected destination for a cocktail-lover's night out—it's got everything from classics PDT and Death + Co. to newcomers like Booker and Dax—the West Village has its fair share of great drinks, too. You might find fewer straight-up cocktail bars, but these days we're seeing good bar programs in all sorts of places: at restaurants, at Scotch bars and wine bars and pubs. Here are 10 great drinks in the West Village for your next night out. More

Wine Director Carla Rzeszewski on Which Wines Age Well

Maggie Hoffman 4 comments

There have been a lot of questions in Talk lately about which wines to buy and save for later—wines to store for 10 years, or 18, or 21 years (until Adam Kuban's baby is ready to drink them!) We asked Carla Rzeszewski, the wine director of The Spotted Pig, The Breslin, and The John Dory Oyster Bar in New York City, for her advice. More

8 Summer Cocktails from The Spotted Pig in NYC

Carey Jones 5 comments

The Spotted Pig's bar manager, Ryan Gannon, has been muddling and shaking at the Pig for years but only recently took over their bar program. In the spirit of the season, a number of the new cocktails feature fruit flavors without being "fruity" in the least—there's nothing syrupy or juicy or diluted about them. Refreshing but complex, boozy but drinkable, they're just what appeals on a warm July evening. Here's a look at their cocktail lineup (with Gannon's recipes for each drink). More

New York: Spotted Pig's Brunch Cocktails as Serious as the Food

Where to Drink: New York J. Kenji López-Alt Post a comment

We were big fans of the Spotted Pig's brunch, and their brunch cocktails are just as killer. Like the food, there's nothing crazy or twisted about them—the menu mostly consists of classics—but it's awesome ingredients and perfect balance that makes them shine. More

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