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Ask a Bartender: What's One Bottle That Will Up Your Cocktail Game?

Ask a Bartender Carey Jones Post a comment

No home bar will ever be as well-stocked as a professional one. But there are some bottles that can let you make dozens of drinks, instantly upping your cocktail game. More

How to Pair Spirits and Charcuterie: Tips From Jeff Faile of DC's The Partisan

Brian Oh 1 comment

Sure, you've paired wine and prosciutto or salami. But how about matching charcuterie with cocktails or spirits? More

The 7 Best Budget Tequilas

Cocktail 101 Michael Dietsch 18 comments

Our top recommendations for 100%-agave tequila that you can buy for $25 and under. More

5 Cocktail Recipes That Will Help You Love Mezcal

Recipe Roundups Nick Caruana Post a comment

Often overshadowed by its more popular brother, tequila, mezcal doesn't usually get a fair shot. Maybe it's the smokey flavor that polarizes people, or the association with worms, but this often misunderstood spirit really makes for some great cocktails. More

5 Lesser-Known Bourbons You Should Be Drinking

Spirit Reviews Robert Moss 19 comments

These 5 bourbons may not be quite as well known as Pappy Van Winkle, but they very much deserve a spot in your liquor cabinet. More

Ask a Bartender: What's in Your Well?

Ask a Bartender Carey Jones 6 comments

Well spirits are, in a way, the bar's default: when you ask for a vodka-soda or rum and Coke, it's the well vodka or well rum that usually ends up in your drink. More

The Science of Fat-Washing Cocktails

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 20 comments

Fat-washing: it might sound like a process for getting rid of bacon grease on your shirt, but it's actually a clever cocktail technique that adds savory flavor to spirits. We take a look at the science of what's actually going on with this tasty trick. More

Chicago's Best Bars for Whiskey, Gin, Tequila, and Other Spirits

Where to Drink: Chicago Emma Janzen 3 comments

Chicago might be a whiskey city, but there's a new crop of great bars celebrating the virtues of other spirits. Here are some of the best spots for whiskey, gin, tequila, rum, vodka, and more. More

Behind the Scenes: Making Angostura Bitters in Trinidad

Behind the Scenes Andrew Strenio 2 comments

If you walk into any bar, anywhere in the world, odds are high that you'll be able to count on one thing—a bottle of Angostura Aromatic Bitters ready to season your cocktail. I went to Trinidad and Tobago to see how these bitters (and the House of Angostura's rums) are made. More

Great New Affordable High-Rye Bourbon: Tincup American Whiskey

Spirit Reviews Andrew Strenio 16 comments

Bourbon has long been our go-to for reasonably priced whiskey, but as demand continues to grow, more and more producers are jacking up prices to cash in on the trend. That's part of what makes Tincup American whiskey such a refreshing change of pace: it's a delicious whiskey at a reasonable price. More

The Best Budget Irish Whiskeys

Michael Dietsch 18 comments

A few good value brands of Irish whiskey: these bottles have character but won't set you back more than $25. More

What's New in Irish Whiskey

Spirit Reviews Andrew Strenio 1 comment

Some seriously good Irish whiskey is now available in the U.S. More

Try These Now: 2 Awesome High Proof Tequilas

Spirit Reviews Andrew Strenio Post a comment

If you haven't tried high-proof tequilas yet, seek these out. More

Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Texas Style

Spirit Reviews Andrew Strenio Post a comment

Situated in the small hill country town of Hye, Garrison Brothers Distillery is leading the craft whiskey charge in Texas. More

True Essentials for Your Home Bar: Bottles, Bitters, and Tools

Cocktail 101 Michael Dietsch 17 comments

It's all too easy to overthink the home bar, and to assume you need to spend a couple hundred at the Liquorteria just to get started making drinks at home. Here are some tips on the essentials you really need. More

Ask a Bartender: Are There Any Flavored Spirits You Use?

Ask a Bartender Carey Jones 14 comments

At Serious Drinks, we see more flavored spirits than you could possibly imagine. Green tea vodka. Cinnamon-roll vodka. Cherry-flavored SoCo. We'd just about always prefer a fresh infusion to a bottled concoction, but we're always looking for a diamond in the rough. So we asked a number of bartenders: Are there any flavored spirits that you actually use? More

Ao Vodka Could Change Your Mind About Vodka

Spirit Reviews Andrew Strenio 12 comments

This vodka from Suntory is made from 100% Japanese rice and water sourced from the island of Kyushu. The rice mash is distilled in small pot stills and clarified through a bamboo filtration process. More

The 6 Best Budget Ryes

Cocktail 101 Michael Dietsch 33 comments

Good rye should be spicy, somewhat fruity, and a little more rugged than bourbon. Here are my 6 top picks around $25 or less. More

Ask a Bartender: What Do You Sip During Your Shift?

Ask a Bartender Carey Jones 3 comments

Some bartenders fuel their shifts with espresso —others, with beer and shots of Fernet. What is your bartender drinking behind the bar? We asked, they answered. More

Drinking Traditions From Around the World

Cocktail 101 Michael Dietsch 8 comments

What's the strangest thing you've seen someone do while drinking? I mean, on purpose, not just because they're drunk and disorderly. Booze-makers and drinkers all around the world have certain practices that might seem odd to an outsider. This week, we'll look at a few. More

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