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DIY vs. Buy: Should I Make My Own Spiced Rum?

Before I knew anything about liquor, I thought all rum was alike and used the Captain whenever a recipe called for rum. Even though I quickly figured out my mistake, I held a grudge against spiced rum and remembered it as "that gross stuff." Then, one freezing night, I was out of whiskey and desperate for a hot toddy. I had a dusty bottle of spiced rum leftover from the bad old days and figured, what the heck, it's better than going outside... More

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Lady Bligh Spiced Rum is Better Than Captain Morgan's

On Monday night Bottom Shelf research coordinator Emily took me to dinner at one of those deluxe places with clean bathrooms and terrines of things and no televisions at the bar. I ate lamb and eggplant and fifty other things and I've rarely been happier. The televisionlessness certainly added a touch of class to the proceedings and made me glad I wore my special date pants (the ones that aren't denim or dirty). More

Spiced Rum: It's Not All About the Captain

Spiced rums are dodgy creatures. True, the sweet, vanilla-tinged Captain Morgan has an agreeable enough flavor, but for rum fans the Captain's appeal is not unlike that of fast food--satisfying on a certain level but ultimately disappointing and altogether forgettable. More

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