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5 Festive Sparkling Wine Cocktail Recipes from Chicago Bars

It's that time of year again, when we all develop that natural inclination to reach for something bubbly. Here are five sparkling cocktail recipes from two of our favorite places to toast in Chicago: Sepia, where Josh Pearson presides over the handsome marble bar, and Pops for Champagne, a longtime fixture of the city's bubbly scene. We promise you'll have no trouble replicating these drinks in all their fizzy finery. More

Behind the Scenes in Champagne

Ever wonder what makes those little bubbles in your glass of Champagne? Do you know how long it took to make that bottle you're popping this Thanksgiving? I recently traveled to France to check out this winegrowing region and learn what I could about the history of the area and how your bubbly gets made. More

Behind The Bubbly: How Crémant de Limoux is Made

Before Champagne, before Cava, before Prosecco, there was sparkling wine in Limoux, France. Way back in the early 16th century, the monks at the abbey of St. Hilaire were producing a semi-sweet sparkling wine from blanquette, the Occitan word for the white Mauzac grapes of the region. The first bottles were most likely produced by accident. Indeed, even well into the 18th century, the bubbles created by secondary fermentation were considered a flaw in wines in most regions; the pressure built up when yeast trapped in the bottle digested fermentable sugars and produced carbon dioxide didn't just make the wine bubbly, they caused bottles to literally explode. More

Yellow Tail Bubbles Sparkling Wines

The bubblies are roughly aligned with the prices of the Yellow Tail varietal bottles, coming in at around $8 to 10, depending on where you buy. And each comes with a novel, resealable closure called a "Zork". Basically, you peel off a spiral of plastic (like some milk gallons have) and shimmy off the remaining closure. Less exciting without the pop one normally looks for in a sparkler, but it should keep the bubbles in the bottle for longer. But is the stuff beyond the Zork any good? More

Good Bubbles For the Buck: Picking The Best Prosecco

I've been noticing a lot of fatigue around me this time of year. Work fatigue, shopping fatigue, tourist fatigue...Could it be that we all just need a little fun, affordable bubbly? At a time when our eyelids and bank accounts are looking rather droopy, a few bottles of fizz are welcome, and Prosecco can often be a good option—for half the cost of Champagne. More

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