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New Beer: Cascade Apricot 2011

Beer Reviews Maggie Hoffman 4 comments

I eagerly anticipate the release of Cascade Brewing's apricot beer each year. It's fun to drink, tart and tangy, with a mouthwatering lactic acidity and a hint of tannin from the oak barrels it's aged in. More

Homebrewing with Brett and Pedio: What to Expect

Homebrewing Joe Postma Post a comment

The amount of specialized knowledge it takes to craft a perfect lambic, Flanders or wild ale at home is so vast that I probably won't spent too much more time on the topic, but I want to give the more adventurous homebrewers an idea of what they should expect when making an attempt. Once you delve into the world of the funky Brettanomyces or the tart Pediococcus, homebrewing takes on an entirely different dimension. More

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