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Make This Now: Rosemary-Tangelo Shrub

Elana Lepkowski Post a comment

Sweet tangelo is the sidekick in this tart-and-tangy shrub flavored with rosemary. More

5 Essential Low-Alcohol Drinks

Cocktail 101 Michael Dietsch 8 comments

These drinks stimulate the appetite without swamping your stomach. They're excellent for parties, because they buzz your guests without totally inebriating them; they cool you down and perk you up without making you feel heavy. And some of them, for good reason, have been around almost as long as carbonation. More

Cocktail 101: How to Make Shrub Syrups

Cocktail 101 Michael Dietsch 14 comments

Prior to the invention of refrigeration, a shrub syrup was a means of preserving fruit long past its picking. Shrubs were popular in Colonial America, mixed with cool water to provide a pick-me-up on hot summer days. Today they're still delicious in cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks alike. More

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