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The 5 Best Juices to Drink in Seattle Right Now

Where to Drink: Seattle Naomi Bishop Post a comment

As leaves fall and noses get stuffy, here are the best drinks in town to get a taste of the season, a few servings of your five-a-day, and possibly fight off that nasty bug that's going around. More

The Best Ciders We Tried at Washington Cider Week 2013

Event Recaps Chris Lehault Post a comment

Washington State offers a range of ciders unlike those in any other part of the world. We spent the last few days touring the state from glass to glass to find the best ciders this hotbed has to offer: here are the highlights. More

The Best Dive Bars in Seattle

Where to Drink: Seattle Naomi Bishop Tomky 11 comments

The best dive bars are defined not by what you drink (though it's mostly beer—rarely do the mixed drinks have more than two ingredients), but by environment and patrons. At a great dive bar, the regulars look like they've been on their stools for years. The diviest bars still smell faintly of smoke, even though the smoking ban was put in place most of a decade ago. Most importantly, though, the best dive bars help you forget the stressors of the outside world. More

First Look: Waterfront Cocktails at Westward in Seattle

First Look Naomi Bishop 1 comment

With the bar perched right on the north shore of Lake Union, bar consultant Maggie Savarino says she and Westward bar manager Lea Fronterhouse tailored the cocktails to be what someone wants to drink while they're on the water. More

First Look: Cocktails at Percy's & Co. in Seattle

First Look Naomi Bishop Tomky 6 comments

On her first try, Percy's & Co. general manager Lauren Thompson described the bar as what would happen if a juice bar and a real bar had a baby. Actually, it is more like what would happen if a Chinese herbalist's shop and a farmers' market had a baby, which was then plopped down to play in a slow Southern bar. More

We Try the Juices from Vital Juice

Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

We try the juices from Seattle's recently-expanded Vital Juice Co. Our faves include a beet juice with almond and a zingy-fresh ginger-pineapple situation. More

First Look: It's All About Scotch at The Old Sage in Seattle

First Look Naomi Bishop 2 comments

The oddity of bright, eccentric murals in the middle of a classic, dark space underlines Brian McCracken and Dana Tough's struggle away from bar trends. Nobody else was paying much attention to scotch, they point out. "Smoked meats and malts," the sign proclaims over the door of the Old Sage, sibling to Tavern Law, Spur, and the Coterie Room, succinctly getting to the heart of the mater. More

The Best Places to Drink Outdoors in Seattle, WA

Where to Drink: Seattle Naomi Bishop 4 comments

There are so many outdoor bars with terrible drinks, but in Seattle, you can still find a few secret gardens, squirreled-away patios, and rare spots with sprawling water views that also serve up top-notch beer, wine, and cocktails. Here's our guide to the best places to drink outdoors in the Seattle area. More

Behind the Scenes at 2Bar Spirits, a Small Batch Distillery in Seattle

Behind the Scenes Naomi Bishop Post a comment

2Bar Spirits is one of the few grain-to-bottle operations that have opened in the three years since the easing of laws gave birth to Washington State's fledgling craft distilling industry. More

3 Washington State Breweries You Should Know

Where to Drink: Seattle Jen Muehlbauer 9 comments

A ton of interesting small breweries have opened in Washington in the last 3 or 4 years. Here are a few of them to seek out on your next trip west. More

5 Great No-Frills Spots to Drink Beer in Seattle, WA

Where to Drink: Seattle Naomi Bishop 4 comments

As the artistry of cocktails pulls the bar trend in one direction, a new crop of no-frills watering holes in Seattle pushes back. Convenience stores, warehouses, and office parks quietly harbor some of the best places in town to drink beer. If there is good ale flowing through the taps, people will be stoked to sit down and have a pint, even if they're squeezing between racks of potato chips. What these scrappy upstarts lack in food, table service, and ambiance, they make up for by curating the biggest or best tap lists of anyone around. More

First Look: Cocktails at Radiator Whiskey in Seattle, WA

First Look Naomi Bishop Post a comment

Six months ago, Radiator Whiskey's bar manager, Sara Rosales, was hiding her craft-cocktail making tools in a kit under the bar at the Holiday Inn where she worked, awaiting that special customer who would come in and ask her for a real drink. Dan Bugge, veteran restaurateur and owner of Seattle's venerated Matt's in the Market, was that person—and he was on the look out for just the right cocktail aficionado to head up the bar program across the hall at his latest venture, Radiator Whiskey. More

The Pear Delicatessen, A Soda Mecca in Seattle

Leonard Pierce 8 comments

If you're as into soda pop binges and flavor overdoses as we are, there's probably someplace in your town that stockpiles a variety of brands and hard-to-find tipples. And if you happen to live in Seattle, that place is the Pear Delicatessen & Shoppe. More

Seattle: 5 Great Brunch Cocktails to Drink This Weekend

Where to Drink: Seattle Naomi Bishop Post a comment

Brunch cocktails walk a fine line, encouraging the drinker to get up and get moving while offering a gentle prod out of sobriety. Coffee makes an excellent vehicle for pepping up a drink, both in its natural form, mixed with Fernet Branca and topped with Angostura cream at Sun Liquor, while other tipples shake the drinker awake with friendly bubbles or bright citrus. Here are 5 Seattle brunch beverages that still haunt our day-drinking dreams. More

Where to Drink Cocktails in West Seattle

Where to Drink: Seattle Naomi Bishop Post a comment

West Seattle's bridge-induced isolation has led it to harbor a secret stash of cocktail bars turning out top-notch drinks at astonishingly cheap prices. Here's our guide to where to go and what to drink. More

Hangover Helper: The Hangover at Meander's Kitchen in White Center, WA

Hangover Helper Jay Friedman 1 comment

The Hangover ($9.50) is just what the carb doctor ordered: "a double order of crispy browns topped with homemade sausage gravy." Additional protein comes from two eggs, which I ordered over easy so that the yolks could run down the potatoes. More

Where to Drink Bourbon Cocktails in Seattle: 5 Great Drinks

Where to Drink: Seattle Naomi Bishop 8 comments

People always ask how locals make it through the long Seattle winters, when the city's shrouded in dark skies and grey clouds. The answer emits a lovely golden shine, brightening the lives of all who seek it. No, not the sun: it's the bourbon. Here are 5 great bourbon drinks to seek out. More

Cocktail Crawl: Where to Drink on Seattle's 12th Avenue

Where to Drink: Seattle Naomi Bishop Post a comment

Ten years ago, 12th Avenue in Seattle was a street, but not a neighborhood, and it certainly wouldn't be described as a cocktail mecca. Today it's a real drinking destination—and it seems inconceivable that a neighborhood so easily annexable by bar-hub Capitol Hill and flanked by Seattle University could ever have lacked for drinking options. Looking for a great drink (or few) in the area? Here's our guide to 5 essential stops on your next cocktail crawl, and what to drink at each bar. More

6 Great Punch Recipes from Seattle Bars

Recipe Roundups Naomi Bishop Post a comment

'Tis the season to be jolly, and nothing gets a group of friends—or awkward officemates—jolly quicker or better than gathering around the punch bowl. We asked three of Seattle's finest drinking establishments to fork over their favorite punch recipes to share with you just in time for winter entertaining. More

Hangover Helper: Carnivore's Hash at Hunger, Seattle

Hangover Helper Jay Friedman 1 comment

Yes, there are potatoes, but behold a bit of a meat extravaganza, with braised wild boar, house-made sausage, and bacon strewn throughout the square bowl. Mushrooms and onions offer a vegetal break, and there's a poached egg to make it all the richer. More

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