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All About Scandinavian Coffee

Liz Clayton 4 comments

Scandinavians aren't just envied for their superior licorice and textiles: it's the way they roast coffee—or maybe the way they don't roast it—that's caused a stir among palates. More

Coffee Traditions: Scandinavian Egg Coffee

Meister 22 comments

Scandinavian egg coffee is a traditional brewing method most commonly found in Sweden and Norway; it calls for a whole raw egg to be mixed with the coffee grounds before adding them to boiling water. But does it taste good? More

Aquavit Primer: the Scandinavian Spirit

Paul Clarke 8 comments

Derived from the Latin aqua vitae, or water of life, aquavit has been made throughout northern Europe for centuries. Typically made from grain or potato spirits, aquavit may be flavored with a number of different botanicals, giving the spirit a savory, herbaceous character. Caraway is one defining example, though aquavit may also include dill, fennel, clove, cardamom and other herbs and spices. More

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