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Hangover Helper: Oyakodon

I'd like to think of myself as a qualified hangover expert. I grew up in Kentucky, a stone's throw from the Woodford Reserve distillery. I minored in OMG Too Much Booze at culinary school (emphasis on minored; I graduated at 20) and have worked my entire adult life in the hard-drinking realm of restaurant kitchens. More

Tea Time: Genmaicha

Green tea with rice krispies in it? You bet-cha. Genmaicha, having spent long-suffering generations in the category of poor folks' tea, has come into its own in more tea-enlightened years. The unique blend of toasted rice and green tea is one of the more balanced, accessible green teas going. More

Sake School: All About Sake Rice

For thousands of years, rice has been Japan's most important agricultural product. Once a form of currency in Japan, rice is now used to produce many other goods, such as flour, vinegar, mochi, and of course, sake. Here's a guide to a few different types of rice that are used to brew sake. More

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