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11 Awesome Negroni-Like Cocktails To Try in NYC

If I have one favorite classic cocktail, it's the Negroni—refreshingly bitter, just sweet enough to round out the edges, with complex botanicals and a bright burst of orange oil to set it off. But once you start considering the Negroni as a template, you'll find variations on the theme just about everywhere.

Here are eleven in New York I've loved of late, with spirits ranging from mezcal to genever to bourbon, with every amaro you can think of, and with coffee, beets, dried figs, and roasted oranges all making appearances.


Hangover Helper: The Bunny Chow From Red Rooster, NYC

The Bunny Chow ($19) at Red Rooster in Harlem may not have too much to do with the original dish from South Africa, but I still appreciate it for two reasons: First, it's a fun nod to the Indian-influenced African cuisine you find all through Harlem, and second, its effect on the Bourbon Negronis ($15) you drank too many of at the bar the night before. More

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