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What to Drink on Halloween

Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

If you're plotting a Halloween bash, you've probably already started thinking about your costume (and your dog's costume) and the deviled egg eyeballs you're going to prepare. Today, we'll help you get set up on the drinks front, from beer suggestions to scary DIY candy-flavored drinks to totally delicious pumpkin cocktails and other autumnal libations. More

Pairings Pictured: Wines to Drink with Pumpkin Dishes

Pairings Pictured Hawk Wakawaka Post a comment

While we love acorn and butternut squash, sweet potatoes and gourds of all shapes, versatile pumpkin is an easy fall favorite. When thinking about wine pairings, it doesn't have to be all sweet and spice to make things nice: crisp, dry style wines also get along well with pumpkin. More

3 Pumpkin Cocktails to Make at Home

Recipe Roundups Autumn Giles 1 comment

By pairing pumpkin with bold spirits like bourbon and mezcal, these drinks highlight both the sweet and savory sides of fall's favorite gourd. More

5 Pumpkin Beers You Should Drink This Fall

Beer Reviews Stef Ferrari 20 comments

These five pumpkin beers are definitely worth seeking out this fall. More

Pumpkin Spice Latte Showdown: Starbucks vs. McDonald's

Adam Lindsley 17 comments

Starbucks has sold over 200 million of their pumpkin spice latte over the past decade. But the coffee behemoth's competition just got a little stiffer, with America's biggest fast-food chain, McDonald's, getting in on the action with a pumpkin spice latte of its own. If that's not grounds for a head-to-head comparison, I don't know what is. More

We Try Burgerville's Pumpkin Milkshake

Fast Food Drinks Adam Lindsley 2 comments

Burgerville sources their pumpkins from Stahlbush Island Farms in Corvallis, Oregon, located 80 miles south of Portland. Because pureed pumpkin reaches a much smoother consistency than, say, blackberries or raspberries, this is Burgerville's easiest-drinking seasonal shake yet. For lovers of milkshakes and pumpkin + spice, Burgerville's fall seasonal shake is an easy recommendation. More

DIY vs. Buy: How to Make Pumpkin Liqueur

DIY vs. Buy Marcia Simmons Post a comment

There's just something cozy about pumpkin and spice, and once autumn's arrived, I want to cram pumpkin into everything I eat and drink. Getting pumpkin into a cocktail can be a little messy and goopy, so I like to whip up a batch of pumpkin liqueur to ensure that I can conveniently drink pumpkin pie cocktails for months to come. This recipe doesn't take long, so you can even finish it in time for that Halloween party you're having. More

4 Pumpkin Milkshake Recipes to Celebrate Fall

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

Here at SE Drinks, we like to celebrate each season with milkshakes. (Girl Scout Cookie Time is a season, right?) And since we can't resist pumpkin flavored sips in autumn, we recently spent a (very filling) afternoon blending up this group of deliciously fall-appropriate sippable desserts. More

We Try Jamba Juice's New Light and Soy Pumpkin Smoothies

Hally Wolhandler 1 comment

There's nothing like autumn to make food and drink chains whip out the specialty flavors, and no flavor is more present than pumpkin. While pumpkin coffee drinks kind of gross me out, sipping something warm and spicy as the weather gets colder does have a certain seasonal appeal. But slurping a refreshing pumpkin smoothie? Jamba Juice thinks you should, for they are rolling out their Pumpkin Smash smoothie for fall—including a new light version and a soy variation. More

Starbucks vs. Peet's: Which is the Best Pumpkin Spice Latte?

Adam Lindsley 12 comments

There is a certain contingent of people who, like those individuals ready to pounce outside drugstores and supermarkets the instant Cadbury Eggs hit the shelves in the weeks preceding Easter, wait patiently year-round for the autumnal arrival of the pumpkin spiced drinks at coffee houses across the nation. These established lovers of seasonal sips already have their favorites, but for those who don't often order these kinds of drinks, a throwdown is in order! Which pumpkin latte is best? And what are the differences, anyway? More

Pie You Can Drink: Maine Root Pumpkin Pie Soda

Maggie Hoffman 7 comments

Looking for something for the kids to drink while you're celebrating fall with pumpkin beer? This seasonal soda from Portland, Maine's Maine Root smells like freshly grated nutmeg and clove, and tastes somewhere between cream soda and ginger beer with enough spices to evoke your favorite fall squash pie. More

Pumpkin-Spice Latte Roundup: Whole Foods vs. Dunkin' Donuts vs. Starbucks

Meister 36 comments

When approaching this Great Pumpkin Latte Tasting between Whole Foods, Dunkin' Donuts, and Starbucks, we had to ask ourselves, what's more important: pumpkin flavor, or pumpkin spice flavor? It might not seem like it's asking too much for a drink with both "pumpkin" and "spice" in the name to taste like, well, both. But after tasting these three versions, it does seem too much to ask, which is really a crying shame. More

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