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Beer Issues: What's Up With the Three-Tier System?

Mike Reis 20 comments

Good or bad, the three-tier system almost definitely played a role in getting that six-pack to your fridge. More

Prohibition and Wine's Darkest Hour

Drinking in History Reid Mitenbuler 3 comments

When you think of illicit substances that are shipped in brick form, wine probably doesn't come to mind first. And no, boxed wine doesn't count. During Prohibition, however, drinkers got around laws that banned alcohol by dissolving bricks of grape concentrate in water and fermenting them into wine. More

(Haunted) Beer History: The Rise & Fall of the Lemp Dynasty

Lisa Grimm 8 comments

Today's beer history installment is something of a micro-level view of my previous column on German-American brewers—but this one has a Halloween twist. The story of the rise and fall of the Lemps, once one of America's most powerful brewing families, reads like something out of gothic fiction; and, as would be entirely appropriate for that genre, some say that they've never left. More

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