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So This Exists: Pho-Flavored Cocktail at Emmanuelle in Philadelphia

Drew Lazor 3 comments

At Emmanuelle in Philadelphia, a cocktail mimicking the beef-based noodle soup. More

Hangover Helper: Pho With Roast Chili Oil from Pho Sate in Falls Church, VA

Hangover Helper Brian Oh 7 comments

Eden Center in Falls Church, Virginia has no shortage of pho joints. While there are standouts, most will serve a bowl of reasonable quality. Head a little ways from the main shopping centers down Graham Road between Arlington Boulevard and Lee Highway, however, and you'll find one of the best and most unique pho experiences in Northern Virginia. More

Hangover Helper: Phở at Phở Ha, Philadelphia

Hangover Helper Caroline Russock 7 comments

The hungover stomach is demanding to say the least—prickly, unsettled, and usually very, very hungry. Depending on the scale of last night's, let's call it "fun", the hangover can turn even the most mild mannered morning after diners into impatient whiners come brunch-time. For times like these, a steaming bowl of phở is the answer. More

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