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Where to Drink Cocktails in Paris, France

Forest Collins 10 comments

It's an exciting time for cocktails in France: the current crowd has developed a more adventurous mindset when it comes to drinks, and bars are responding with ever-more interesting (and delicious) ways to quench your cocktail cravings. Here's our guide to the best cocktail bars in Paris, old and new. More

A Tiki Destination in Paris, France

Naomi Bishop Post a comment

A tiki bar is probably not the first thing you think of when imagining Paris drinking destinations, but then again, where would faux-Polynesian seem like the logical theme for a watering hole? The Dirty Dick opened this February, replacing a "hostess bar" (read: brothel) in Pigalle, a neighborhood in transition from red-light district to trendy cocktailing destination. More

A Coffee Geek's Guide to the Best Coffee in Paris, France

Coffee Liz Clayton 5 comments

Following up last month's post on greater waves in the Parisian coffee scene, we offer this guide to some of the best spots to drink quality coffee when in lovely Paris in the spring (or any time of year). More

Coffee in Paris: What's Happening Now

Coffee Liz Clayton 3 comments

Paris has very few things about it that inspire pity, and until recently, coffee was one of them. What a travesty of taste that in a place where the sidewalk cafe and all its attendant idle pursuits have been perfected, what's inside the cup has been, until recently, so very poor. The enlightenment's come, however. More

Where to Drink Beer in Paris: La Fine Mousse

Liz Clayton 3 comments

There's got to be room for a beer in even this city of wine, wine, and wine. As French brewers slowly join the legion of specialty craft beer makers crawling across Europe, Paris at last has an emphatic entrant in the beer destination category in La Fine Mousse. La Fine Mousse is a uniquely French-brewer focused, craft-focused gem of a beer bar in the 11th arrondissement. More

My Favorite Places to Drink Coffee in Paris

Alice Gao 4 comments

Before I'd ever been to Paris, I'd heard horror stories about their espresso and rumors that it was impossible to get a good cup of drip coffee there. Yet, on that first day in The City of Light, bleary-eyed and half-conscious right off the overnight flight, I stumbled upon a cozy shop with delicious pourover. More

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