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Will Gordon Tries P.F. Chang's New Winter Cocktails

As soon as I sat down at the bar I noticed some signs that P.F. Chang's takes their cocktail operation more seriously than might be expected: The house whiskey is Evan Williams, which is not a personal favorite but which I respect as the go-to bourbon of many a discerning bottom-shelfer. And maybe I'm a sucker for being impressed by such a triviality, but I liked that the drink prices are rendered in whole dollar amounts. In my experience a $10 drink is almost always better than a $9.95 drink. I had a good feeling about this liquid lunch. More

Cheap Buzz: PF Chang's

It comes as no surprise that PF Chang's cocktails are prepared for the Middle American mallgoer's palate. In some cases, they're interesting—even enjoyable—renditions of classic cocktails. In others, they're as sugary as their General Tso's Chicken. More

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