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We Try 25 Flavors of Coffeemate

Deep down, I harbor a true fascination with coffee creamers. They can turn an afternoon cup into a sweet treat that satisfies the 3:00 p.m. office slump, they tempt me on road trips, transforming the stalest cup of Wawa coffee, and they beckon to me at the supermarket with seemingly endless varieties, limited editions, and holiday flavors. Am I alone? More

Would You Try These Extreme Coffee Creamers?

Though I've been a coffee snob enthusiast for several years now, I figured surely there were some guilty, slutty pleasures to unearth in the apparently exploding world of take-home flavored creamers. (Cinnabon flavor? Really????) With an open mind and palate, I dug out the stalest coffee I had (you know...to provide a sort of tabula rasa) and set-a-tastin'. Have you tried this stuff? Would you? More

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