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First Look: Cocktails at Husk Nashville

First Look W.S. Lyon Post a comment

Each drink at the newly opened and much-anticipated Husk Nashville attempts to tell a story—start with setting, add a dash of history, build on character, and let the experience unfold. More

Hangover Helper: Steak and Eggs at No. 308 in Nashville, Tennessee

Hangover Helper W.S. Lyon 2 comments

Heading back to the bar on Sunday afternoon might not be your first, most obvious choice for a cure. Unless of course that bar is Nashville's No. 308. With its spacey vibe and its stoner-food plates piled high, the brunch here is designed with heavy-hitters at heart. More

The Best Places to Drink Beer in Nashville, Tennessee

W.S. Lyon 3 comments

With outmoded state laws, like the legal split between high- and low-gravity beers (a demarcation at 5% alcohol by weight, or 6.3% by volume) and the "franchise laws" of the wholesale distribution system, Nashville once seemed destined to remain a craft beer backwater. But luckily for the locals, breweries have been popping up everywhere, and Nashville is positioning itself as a bona fide beer destination. More

Hangover Helper: Country Ham and Cornmeal Cakes at Pancake Pantry in Nashville, TN

Hangover Helper Hawk Krall 10 comments

In the wrong hands, country ham can be a leathery salt-bomb, but this massive bone-in slab from The Pancake Pantry in Nashville was incredible. Salty and fatty like the best thick cut bacon you've ever had, but still moist with a touch of prosciutto-like funk. It's even better when served with two absolutely perfect over-easy eggs. More

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