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5 Winter Cocktail Recipes from Lolinda in San Francisco

Since it's the season for entertaining, we asked Chris Lane of Lolinda to teach us a few holiday cocktail recipes for whipping up at home. He shared some favorites from the current menu, including the Armagnac-based Carpenter's Hand; the Bergen Street, a twist on a classic citrusy gin cocktail; and The Devil's Backbone, a balanced blend of rye and Scotch. He also showed us how to make Napoleon's Vice, a winter-ready tiki drink, and a dangerously tasty rum-spiked mulled wine. More

The Downside of Seasonal Drinks

The holidays are a time when all kinds of special recipes get trotted out for an annual airing, and like those red-and-white sweaters with little reindeer buttons, some of them should be tossed out along with that string of lights that no longer works. Everybody has their own issues with certain seasonal dishes--I, for one, have never understood the desire to consume cranberry sauce--and the same goes for seasonal drinks. More

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