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Milwaukee Coffee Roaster Colectivo Brews Beer, Too

The beer program at Colectivo (previously known as Alterra Coffee Roasters) launched in a home beer lab under the control of the company's green coffee buyer, George Bregar, and coffee roaster Shawn "Roscoe" Bigelow. The two drew upon the palates and methodical workflow style they'd learned in coffee sourcing and roasting, applied to their innate Wisconsonian love of beer. More

Destination-Worthy Milkshakes: Fall Flavors at Babe's Ice Cream in Milwaukee

I love fall flavors, and here in Milwaukee, it's gotten downright chilly in the last two weeks. That's all the reason I need to start eating as many apple- and pumpkin-flavored foods as I can. Lucky for me, Babe's Ice Cream in Bayview has started carrying their seasonal flavors, including caramel apple pie and pumpkin. These are some of the smoothest, richest, most luxurious shakes I've had. More

Blue Moon Shakes at Kopp's in Milwaukee

A couple of times a year, Kopp's offers a special shake flavor, Blue Moon, in its rotating lineup of seasonal tastes. The bright, almost neon-turquoise shake is a regional favorite that most people outside of the upper Midwest have never heard of. No one really knows what the flavor is...Marshmallow? Blue Curacao? I'd say the flavor of this shake most closely resembles a cross between marzipan and Froot Loops. More

Rich Milkshakes at Gilles Frozen Custard in Milwaukee

Gilles has been serving frozen custard on the west side of Milwaukee since they opened in 1938—it was the first custard stand in the city. Today, they're still a favorite hangout of local high school students and busy families who want to grab a quick dinner before heading to Hart Park for a football game. My favorite is the Oreo shake. More

Root Beer Shakes, Not Floats, at Omega in Milwaukee

I wasn't expecting to get a very good shake at Omega Jumbo Burgers and Frozen Custard. It's a local suburban fast food spot with a diverse (or perhaps schizophrenic?) menu and a dining room like a hospital cafeteria—sterile and cold with some token potted plants in the middle. After these shakes though, I will never judge a book by its cover again. More

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