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All About Milk Foam and Coffee

Coffee Meister 9 comments

If it weren't for foam, what fun would espresso with milk be? (Not very.) Today, we honor the magic of foam by sharing a few facts about its creation, its deliciousness, and why not all of it is created equal. More

5 Facts About Nondairy Milk and Coffee

Coffee Meister 11 comments

Nondairy milk can't seem to get no respect. Today we pay it some attention. Far from being the worst thing you can add to your coffee (I'm looking at you, Splenda), nondairy milk is actually pretty fascinating stuff, and it can be totally delicious in its own right. More

The 4 Fundamentals of Latte Art

Coffee Meister 2 comments

Want to pour pretty latte designs? Here are the four most basic principles to practice. More

Which Milk Is Best for Coffee?

Coffee Meister 16 comments

Not all coffee is created equal, and neither is the milk that goes in it. What do the differences between types of milk mean for your morning cup? More

Amazing Pasteurized Milk from The Grey Barn and Farm, Chilmark, MA

Where to Drink: Boston Liz Bomze Post a comment

Before I get into why this is the best pasteurized milk I've ever had, I should backtrack and say that I love raw milk and have long been a fan of Mermaid Farm, which for years was Martha's Vineyard's lone source of unpasteurized milk. But the pasteurized milk that Grey Barn and Farm proprietors Eric and Molly Glasgow and their herd of Dutch belted cows are producing in Chilmark, MA is astonishingly good. More

10 Most Popular Posts in Alcohol-Free Drinks: Soda, Juice, Milk(shakes), and Smoothies

Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

Serious Eats: Drinks covers cocktails and spirits, beer, and wine, but that doesn't mean we focus only on the hard stuff. This year, we sought out the best milkshakes in San Francisco, the best smoothies in LA, the best local milk in New York, and subjected ourselves to a series of blind taste tests to find out whether Mexican Coke is really better. Here are our top 10 most popular posts in soda, juice, smoothies, milk, and milkshakes this year, based on unique page visitors. More

Leche Merengada: Horchata's Spanish Cousin with Lemon

Erin Zimmer 1 comment

I've never thought, oh this horchata could sure use some lemon, but upon trying leche merengada while in Spain last week, I wasn't opposed to the bright, citrus-y kick at the end. It's not quite horchata plus lemon—it's actually whole milk (not rice or almond milk) mixed with sugar, cinnamon, usually egg whites, and a hearty squeeze of lemon. More

Milk Mustache: Raw Milk from Mermaid Farm, Massachusetts

Where to Drink: Boston Liz Bomze 10 comments

Healy moves his small heard of cows back and forth between Mermaid Farm and a nearby field, where the ladies have more space to roam and graze. I always figure that it's this variety in the cows' diet—plus the time of year and the lack of pasteurization—that's responsible for the subtle flavor differences in the milk from batch to batch. Sometimes the rich, nutty cream flavor is more forward; other times there's a mellow sweetness, as if a few drops of honey dripped into the bottle. More

Taste Test: Local New York Milk

J. Kenji López-Alt 36 comments

We're unabashed milk lovers here at SEHQ, and are lucky enough to live in a town where fantastic, locally produced milk is relatively easy to come by, which begged the obvious question: which one is best? More

Cool Drinks, Los Angeles: Milkshakes at Milk

Where to Drink: Los Angeles Ned Ehrbar 4 comments

The real standouts at Mid-City's Milk are the creative spins on shakes and malts, made with homemade ice cream and sorbet, served in towering frosted glass and sized to share. More

Milk Mustache: Cocoa Metro Chocolate Milk

Liz Bomze Post a comment

The question: If you could have only four beverages (in addition to water) for the rest of your life, what would they be? One of my picks is definitely chocolate milk. More

Milk Mustache: Ronnybrook Farm's Coffee Milk

Carrie Vasios Mullins 2 comments

Are you one of those people who likes to stir their ice cream until it starts to melt, waiting eagerly to spoon up the deliciously sweet ice cream soup? I am, which is one reason that I love Ronnybrook Farm's Coffee Milk ($1.75). More

A Barista's Crash Course in Steaming Milk

Erin Hulbert 21 comments

Learn the steps to making the perfect steamed milk with an espresso machine. More

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