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Let's Get Drunk Watching: The Season Finale of Mad Men

Drinking Games Vinny Mannering 7 comments

Will Peggy and Ted consumate their forbidden love? What's Bob Benson REALLY up to? And isn't it illegal for Sally Draper to be smoking at that age? We'll find out (sort of) in the latest edition of Let's Get Drunk Watching. More

What Are They Drinking on Mad Men?

Drinking in History Reid Mitenbuler 8 comments

What are the characters on Mad Men drinking? The short answer: everything, all the time. They also drink so much it's a surprise the alcohol vapors don't explode every time they light up their Lucky Strikes. But the specific drinks that the characters on Mad Men drink show us a period in American history when the drinkscape uniquely reflected the cultural forces that created it. More

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