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Summer of Rum--Or is that Rhum?

Rum is perhaps the most diverse spirit on the market, with each producing island or region utilizing a unique style and method that results in a dizzying variety of rums, from those that are almost as light as vodka to rich, smoky rums the color of crude oil and redolent of molasses. More

Out of the Blue: Batavia Arrack Comes Back

Produced since at least the early 17th-century on the island of Java, Batavia arrack is rum's funky ancestor. Made from sugarcane and fermented red rice (one quibble with the Times story: while Sri Lankan arrack made from palm sap has a similar name, it's a totally different creature), this smoky, aromatic spirit was a mariner's favorite for years, and was an essential ingredient in punch until well into the 19th-century. More

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