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Liquor Gift Guide for Father's Day

On behalf of fathers everywhere, let me make this clear: don't buy a lame gift for Father's Day. If your dad likes to relax sometimes with a glass of something that wears its age well, here are a few suggestions for bottles that will make much better gifts than any tie or coffee mug ever could. More

Spiced Rum: It's Not All About the Captain

Spiced rums are dodgy creatures. True, the sweet, vanilla-tinged Captain Morgan has an agreeable enough flavor, but for rum fans the Captain's appeal is not unlike that of fast food--satisfying on a certain level but ultimately disappointing and altogether forgettable. More

Buying Liquor Online (The Headache's Thrown In For Free)

The good news is you can find that bottle of single-barrel bourbon, Dutch gin, or small-batch bitters online more often than not. Bad news, though: it's a royal pain to find it and buy it, and oftentimes it's illegal. Some states prohibit all shipments of liquor, while the others cherry-pick which states it's acceptable to order from or ship to More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Local Spirit

It's good to get excited by the growth of small-scale distilleries, but as more people enter the industry, products of questionable quality will inevitably show up on shelves, bearing the boutique label and a hefty price tag. To better establish a standard of quality for this rapidly growing industry, it's a good idea to keep talking up the distilleries that are doing it right. More

Drinks With a Little Meat on Their Bones

Meaty drinks have been gimmicks for so long that it's hard to take the concept seriously (witness the bacon martini at Las Vegas' Double Down Saloon, made with vodka stored in a bottle with slices of bacon), but the level of attention being given to the idea by top-flight mixologists such as Klemm and Freeman suggests this unusual approach may well have legs. More

I'll Take (a) Manhattan

Even after Prohibition, the Manhattan continued to rival the Martini for dominance at the bar until a demand for lighter spirits--coupled with the ascendance of vodka and, later, the Margarita--pushed the Manhattan into semi-retirement as king of the cocktail heap. More

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