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Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Beer 30 Light

Drinking the Bottom Shelf Will Gordon 8 comments

If you're reading this at three o'clock Friday morning, you're nuts and I'm on a bus. I hope one of us is drinking a paper-bagged 40 of Budweiser, and I further hope it's the one of us who is you. If you're reading about Beer 30 Light in the middle of the night, you need a beer. More

Bottom Shelf Beer: Which Is The Best Superlight Beer?

Drinking the Bottom Shelf Will Gordon 36 comments

Last Thursday I turned Meredith the pizza lady's birthday into an excuse to drink too much in the afternoon, because I'm the sort of thoughtful and generous friend who will buy you a belated birthday lunch anyplace your heart desires as long as your heart desires pizza and beer at an old-man bar. Meredith doesn't drink much beer and she eats pizza for a living, but she's sweet as a peach and pretended to be excited to have her afternoon highjacked in pursuit of my vices. More

Serious Beer: The Best Light Beer for Tailgating

Beer Reviews Jonathan Moxey 9 comments

This past weekend the University of Missouri celebrated its 100th homecoming. I couldn't make it back, but I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have attended the game if I did. I've never been much for watching sports, but during my four five years there as an undergraduate I became a strong proponent of the eating and drinking that goes along with football. More

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Cheap Light Beer

Drinking the Bottom Shelf Will Gordon 52 comments

I have to drop a quick dozen pounds before Speedo season. When I've needed to lose weight in the past I've stopped drinking beer altogether, but that doesn't seem feasible this time. So it's time for me to finally give in and become a light beer drinker. More

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