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Make Meyer Lemon Bitters This Weekend

DIY Projects Elana Lepkowski 2 comments

It may be twisting the knife to say so when half the country is trapped under ice, but here in Southern California we have a certain problem when February rolls around. It's the peak of citrus season. We're simply buried right now. More

DIY vs. Buy: Should I Make My Own Limoncello?

DIY vs. Buy Marcia Simmons 15 comments

Limoncello is a sweet, sunshine-colored liqueur made with lemon zest. It has a bright lemon flavor with none of the tartness. Created in Italy as an after-dinner drink, it's light and delicate with just the right amount of alcohol intensity. It's impossible not to smile when you're sipping limoncello. Especially if you made it yourself. More

Brunch Drinks: Pimm's and Cantaloupe

Heather Arndt Anderson Post a comment

This brunch cocktail is drier than your standard Pimm's Cup, with just soda, ginger, and lemon slices instead of sweet sparkling lemonade, and wedges of heirloom cantaloupe instead of cucumbers (they're botanical cousins), and I left out all that fruit salad. It's a lovely, iced tea-colored sipper that really refreshes. More

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