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Cocktail Legalese: 5 Liquor Law Terms You Should Know

I've been thinking quite a bit these days about stupid, antiquated liquor laws, particularly in places like Chicago, where it's illegal to lower the price of alcohol during happy hour. I'll have more on that in the weeks to come, but it turns out that the world of booze laws, both outdated and otherwise, has a language all its own. Today we'll share a little glossary. More

Is Public Drinking Good For the Neighborhood?

Yesterday morning I had to make an appearance in front of a Judicial Hearing Officer at the New York City Criminal Court located at 364 Broadway, just a few blocks south of my office. My crime, you ask? No, it wasn't any sort of society rotting business like jaywalking or running a stop sign on my bicycle. I didn't commit the ghastly offense of urinating in public or using the emergency exit in a subway station (though I did have to sit through a couple cases of that nature). More

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