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5 Mexican Cocktail Recipes from La Condesa in Austin, Texas

Recipe Roundups Melody Fury Post a comment

Drawing inspiration from his travels and La Condesa's food menu, bar manager Nate Wales incorporates lesser known ingredients into the drinks. He uses sotol in a spin on the Salty Dog, and mixes up his own fermented pineapple spirit for an unusual margarita. Here are 5 recipes so you can make these drinks at home. More

Hangover Helper: Huitlacoche Huarache from La Condesa in Napa, CA

Hangover Helper J. Kenji López-Alt 2 comments

Despite its unappealingly mysterious jet-black color and origin as a fungal infection on a corn cob, it's delicious. Vaguely mushroom-y (but not in a truffle-y way), a little tart, and extremely savory, huitlacoche makes one of the greatest taco/sope/huarache fillings around and I very rarely get my fill of it. More

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