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Skip Cocktail Measuring with the ReJigger

Amalia Safran 11 comments

What the ReJigger does is simple: it has a compartment for the right quantity of each ingredient for a mixed drink. (Inventor Marcus Wang claims it makes an 'endless number' of different cocktails, but he starts with 9 basic recipes.) The Rejigger then caps onto a standard pint glass so you can shake the drink, and then works as a strainer to get the chilled cocktail into your serving glass. More

Cocktailing On Kickstarter: The Mason Shaker

Lauren Sloss 10 comments

Eric Prum and Josh Williams wanted to translate the back-porch-drinking experience of the mason jar to their serious appreciation for quality cocktails. More

Coffee Innovators: ZPM Espresso and the Affordable Home Espresso Machine

Coffee Meister 5 comments

A pair of childhood pals and self-proclaimed nerds cook up a revolutionarily affordable home-espresso machine, put the project on Kickstarter, and overwhelmingly surpass their funding and backing goals? Must be all the caffeine. More

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