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We Try New Mountain Dew Kickstart Black Cherry and Limeade

Nick Guy 5 comments

Mountain Dew Kickstart was originally marketed as a morning beverage, but the new flavors, Black Cherry and Limeade, are supposedly designed for nighttime. We tried them both (and then tried them both with vodka.) More

Morning Becomes Dew: We Try Mountain Dew Kickstart

Leonard Pierce 13 comments

If nothing else, Kickstart—the new breakfast beverage from Mountain Dew's fortress of extremitude—wins points for sheer ambition. Positioning itself as "a fresh alternative to the age old morning question of 'coffee or juice'" (for people who have never heard of every other beverage in the world, I suppose), it promises to provide a highly caffeinated spike to your usual morning routine of ski-jumping, body-surfing, or radical commuting. More

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