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Coffee Varieties: SL-28

Coffee Meister 3 comments

The jewel in the coffee crown might have an unromantic name, but its sparkle is unmistakable: today we'll chat about the SL-28 variety from Kenya. More

Three African Teas to Start Your Morning

Liz Clayton 1 comment

Africa may not be at the top of your mental list of tea-producing continents, but you'd better believe they grow it. Though export to North America is not as widespread as the teas of China, Japan, Taiwan, and India, the teas produced in Africa fall quietly below our radar but are certainly worth exploring. More

Four Awesome Kenyan Coffees To Seek Out Right Now

Liz Clayton 4 comments

As spring blushes into summer, the emergence of lush, almost enthusiastically flavorful Kenyan coffees has come upon us courtesy of some of North America's finest roasters. We've rounded up four of the very best of these—all hailing from the fruitful Nyeri region of Kenya—plus a bonus coffee from Burundi for good measure. More

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