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We Try 10 New and Limited-Edition Winter Drinks

Nick Guy 8 comments

We try the new Starbucks Gingerbread Latte, new Sprite Cranberry, Blue Moon Gingerbread Spiced Ale, and a whole slew of eggnogs. More

Pumpkin Spice-Flavored Everything: 7 New Fall Products

Nick Guy 9 comments

Fall is here, and with it comes fall flavored-everything. We sampled seven new seasonal drinkables, including three vodkas, a beer, a cider, a liqueur, and a refrigerated coffee drink. More

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Kahlúa Gingerbread

Drinking the Bottom Shelf Will Gordon 4 comments

It brings Bottom Shelf research director Emily and me great pleasure to invite you all over for Thanksgiving dinner. The seating plan is still a bit up in the air, as our eating table has only nine square feet and two chairs, but we can repurpose the bedside tables back into bar stools and the bed back into a bar, plus we can take turns sitting, and a few of you will flake anyway; this will work. More

New Kahlúa Midnight: Not Your Mom's Kahlúa

Spirit Reviews Andrew Strenio 2 comments

Enter the new Kahlúa Midnight. It's a higher-octane version of Kahlúa—the familiar coffee liqueur gets blended with rum for extra punch. More

Eyewitness Booze Investigation: Kahlúa Iced Coffee

Drinking the Bottom Shelf Will Gordon 13 comments

I hate wasting food and drink. If I live long enough to be inducted into the Assistant Little League Coaches' Hall of Fame, I will owe it all to my juicer, which I bought solely to avoid throwing out neglected vegetables. Every Sunday morning I buy every green thing at the farmer's market, and every Saturday I turn it into juice that surely counteracts the week I spent chugging Trader Joe's frozen burritos. More

DIY vs. Buy: Should I Make My Own Coffee Liqueur?

DIY vs. Buy Marcia Simmons 15 comments

Coffee and alcohol are two of the best beverages on the planet, so combining them is just common sense. But I didn't really understand the true genius of coffee liqueur until I went to Hawaii and noticed it in unexpected places—in old school fruity umbrella drinks like the Bahama Mama and new Tiki creations made with coconut, falernum and lime, on top of a tropical fruit salad, and even shaken up with cinnamon, chiles, and cream. I had been pigeonholing coffee liqueur as just a part of a White Russian, only to find out that its potent flavor actually blends well with a variety of ingredients. More

Kahlúa Cinnamon Spice: A Flavor Too Far?

Spirit Reviews Andrew Strenio 3 comments

It's getting hard to keep track of the extensive Kahlúa flavored family: mocha, French vanilla, hazelnut, especial, and peppermint mocha. And that's not even including their ready-to-drink concoctions: Original Mudslide, White Russian, Banana Mudslide, Cappuccino Mudslide, chocolate latte, Rspberry White Russian—phew! And with the launch of Kahlúa Cinnamon Spice this month, I can't help but wonder whether the world really needs another Kahlúa on the shelf. More

Kahlúa From Bean To Bottle

Jessica Leibowitz 7 comments

Ever wonder where Kahlúa comes from? I recently had a chance to peek behind the scenes at the distillery in Mexico City. Here's a look at Kahlúa on its journey from coffee bean to bottle. More

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