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We Try Knudsen's New Nature's Peak Vegetable Juice Blends

The Serious Eats Team 2 comments

Maybe you've been curious about vegetable juices but a little nervous about how they might taste. Knudsen's new 'Nature's Peak' juice blends (around $4.99) are one answer: think of them as vegetables juices with training wheels. They're beginner-friendly fruity blends...and you don't have to clean the juicer afterward. More

Reinvigorate Your Resolutions With These 25 Juice and Smoothie Recipes

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

Some of the smoothies and juices we tested this past month are vibrant and green, some sweet and mellow. Here they all are, in case you're looking for a little inspiration for your still-kinda-the-New-Year-resolutions. More

Simple Orange-Carrot Juice

Juice and Smoothie Recipes dbcurrie Post a comment

Bright, fresh orange juice, made a bit heartier and less acidic with the addition of sweet carrots. More

From the Juicer: Pineapple Parsnip Blood Orange Juice

Juice and Smoothie Recipes Lauren Rothman Post a comment

This recipe combines the tropical flavor of fresh pineapple with the tang and lovely blush color of blood oranges, one of winter's tastiest and prettiest citrus fruits. A dose of parsnip juice rounds out the sharpness of the other two ingredients and brings a smooth, rich texture to this invigorating cold weather drink. More

From the Juicer: Green Grapefruit Ginger Juice

Juice and Smoothie Recipes Carolyn Cope 2 comments

Hey, jerky January jet lag. Meet Green Grapefruit Ginger Juice. It's crisp and refreshing and positively buzzworthy, in that fresh grapefruit juice always gives me sort of a weird little buzz of mild hyperactivity that's exactly what a girl needs to combat jet lag phase two. More

From the Juicer: Gingery Sweet Potato Apple Juice

Juice and Smoothie Recipes Lauren Rothman 1 comment

Sweet potatoes juice up extra thick and frothy, with a mellow sweetness that I felt cried out for a hit of acidity. Enter apples, whose tartness provides the perfect counterpart. A hit of fresh ginger brings some spice to the party, rounding out this simple, satisfying three-ingredient juice. More

From the Juicer: Thai Mango-Pineapple-Coconut Juice

Juice and Smoothie Recipes Lauren Rothman Post a comment

I don't have the time or money for that southeast Asian vacation this year, but I can transport myself to Thailand's tropical climes with just my juicer and a few pieces of sweet, ripe fruit. More

From the Juicer: Tangy Kumquat-Pear Juice

Juice and Smoothie Recipes Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

I kind of hate the word 'mocktail'—it seems girly and fake, and makes me think of overly sweet and pink virgin strawberry daiquiris used for toasting at a baby shower. Non-drinkers deserve better. Here's the best freshly-made cocktail substitute I know: a mixture of ripe pear, fresh ginger, and kumquat. More

From the Juicer: Asian Pear, Basil and Lemon Juice

Juice and Smoothie Recipes Carolyn Cope Post a comment

This juice combines the delicate, floral sweetness of Asian pear with sophisticated, complex basil and a generous splash of bright, tart lemon. A little bit of celery brings it all together for a smooth finish. It's interesting without being too crazy, as evidenced by the fact that my two pre-teen taste testers not only didn't roll their eyes at it but seemed to genuinely enjoy it. More

How To Upgrade Bottled Juice With Fresh Fruit

Juice and Smoothie Recipes J. Kenji López-Alt 8 comments

We bought every type of blend-able fruit we could find along with every type of plain bottled juice in the juice aisle, and brought them home to see if we could figure out our favorite 1-juice, 1-fruit combos. Some blends were great, others were passable, and some downright vile (I'm looking at you, orange juice with papaya). Here are some general tips we figured out, along with a few of our favorite flavor combinations. More

The Degenerate's Juice Cleanse: A Guide to Better Juicing With Booze

Max Falkowitz 6 comments

Yup: the best way I know to improve the flavor of a hardcore vegetable juice is with some hard alcohol. And with the five or six juices you drink over the course of a day when you're on a cleanse, you have the golden opportunity for a boozy journey around the world without ever changing out of your yoga pants. More

From the Juicer: Simple Pink Pineapple Juice

Juice and Smoothie Recipes dbcurrie Post a comment

While this pink concoction, made with pineapple, apple, and fresh cranberries, is intended as a morning juice or afternoon pick-me-up, it would be completely at home in a cocktail glass. More

From the Juicer: Spicy Red Juice

Juice and Smoothie Recipes Lauren Rothman Post a comment

When I started to think about a more savory slant to juicing, I used a favorite summer soup—gazpacho—as my jumping-off point. More

From the Juicer: Refreshing Green Juice

Juice and Smoothie Recipes dbcurrie Post a comment

I'm not really into the super-green juices that taste like fresh lawn, but that doesn't mean I don't like green. This drink is the most refreshing green juice combination that I know. More

From the Juicer: Orange Sweet Potato Juice

Juice and Smoothie Recipes Carolyn Cope Post a comment

I'd never considered juicing sweet potatoes until a couple of months ago, when I went to my local, usually well-stocked fruiterer looking for a few sweet potatoes to bake for dinner. "We're all out," they said. "Everyone's juicing them now." More

From the Juicer: Buffalo Green Juice

Juice and Smoothie Recipes Carolyn Cope Post a comment

Savory and spicy may not be the first characteristics you'd expect in a juice, but once you try this flavor combination, you may find you can't kick the habit. More

16 Smoothie and Juice Recipes for the New Year

The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

Do your New Year's resolutions include getting more kale and other greens into your diet? More fruit? Finally starting to eat breakfast? Making better use of that fancy blender or juicer that's languishing on your kitchen counter? Whether you're looking for a vitamin-packed snack or vegan workout fuel—or you're just seeking out a few booze-free drink ideas—we hope these recipes help. More

We Try All the Green Juices From Daily Greens

The Serious Eats Team 5 comments

Just because the juices are all green doesn't mean they all taste the same: Daily Greens juices incorporate a number of unusual ingredients, and some are kale-based, while others are made with spinach. More

The 5 Best Juices to Drink in Seattle Right Now

Where to Drink: Seattle Naomi Bishop Post a comment

As leaves fall and noses get stuffy, here are the best drinks in town to get a taste of the season, a few servings of your five-a-day, and possibly fight off that nasty bug that's going around. More

'Tude: Great Apple Juice, One Variety at a Time

Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

These single-variety apple juices from Washington State are strikingly different from each other. We're a little obsessed with the granny'tude, made from Granny Smith apples. More

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