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New Belgium's Wood Cellar Manager Lauren Salazar on Blending Sour Beer

A Pint With Maggie Hoffman 6 comments

Lauren Salazar, New Belgium Brewing Company's wood cellar manager, just moved to Colorado to ski. Now she's a beer expert managing the barrels full of New Belgium's coveted sour beers. We asked her a bit about the beer-blending process and what she's learned along the way. More

Jim Meehan's Tips for Developing New Cocktails

Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

Jim Meehan of PDT is schooled in classic cocktails and has a massive collection of vintage drink books, but we wanted to ask him a bit about how he develops new drinks, and what he sees happening in the future of the cocktail scene. More

What Are You Drinking, Noah Rothbaum?

What Are You Drinking? The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

Today we check in with Noah Rothbaum, the editor-in-chief of Liquor.com. He shares his picks for best affordable booze, plus his cocktail-trend predictions for 2014. More

What Are You Drinking, Jill Bernheimer?

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

We chat with Jill Bernheimer of Domaine LA about her favorite wines under $15, plus her wine picks for Thanksgiving. More

What Are You Drinking, Ray Isle?

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

Ray Isle is the Executive Wine Editor at Food & Wine magazine. We caught up with him to find out how he got interested in wine in the first place, plus what he's excited to be drinking now. More

What Are You Drinking, Lyle Fass?

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

He calls himself 'a rebel wine retailer', importing wines from Europe and selling them directly via email offer. More

What Are You Drinking, Joshua Greene?

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

Joshua Greene has been the editor of Wine & Spirits Magazine since the mid-eighties. Today, we chat with him about the magazine's tasting process, new wineries he's excited about, and his favorite restaurant wine programs in NYC. More

What Are You Drinking, Camper English?

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

Camper English is the man behind Alcademics, which covers spirits and cocktails in general as well as sharing news on the Bay area bar scene. He's now the Contributing Drinks Editor at Saveur, and spirits editor for FSR Magazine, plus he writes for scores of other publications. We checked in with Camper about what he's drinking these days, what cocktail trends he's tired of, and where he sees cocktails going next. More

What Are You Drinking, Kermit Lynch?

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

What does leading wine importer Kermit Lynch drink when he's at home? What wines have surprised him lately? We caught up with him to ask. More

What Are You Drinking, Talia Baiocchi?

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

I've been impressed by Talia Baiocchi since I first met her, back when she was working with UK-based wine site WineChap. Talia went on to be the first-ever wine editor at Eater, and she has contributed to the San Francisco Chronicle and Wine Spectator (among others). Her book on sherry will be published by Ten Speed Press in fall 2014. As if the book weren't enough, this week she launched Punch, an online drinks and culture magazine—Talia's the editor-in-chief, no big deal. More

What Are You Drinking, Dr. Vino?

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

We checked in with Tyler Colman of Dr. Vino (one of our favorite wine blogs) about his affordable wine recommendations, his favorite places to drink wine in New York, and the hardest food to pair with wine. More

What Are You Drinking, Lou Amdur?

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

Lou Amdur is a fixture on the Los Angeles wine scene. After six years in business, he closed his eponymous wine bar to focus on a new project, the recently opened Lou Wine and Provisions on North Virgil Avenue next to Sqirl Cafe in Silver Lake. His focus is 'democratically priced wine'—all the bottles he's selling clock in under $25. We checked in with Lou about what he's drinking these days, plus his tips on finding interesting and delicious wines without shelling out too much cash. More

We Chat with Kenny Chesney About His New Rum

The Serious Eats Team 2 comments

Kenny Chesney recently launched his own rum brand, Blue Chair Bay Rum. We chat with him about his rum-drinking habits and role in the process of developing this spirit. More

What Are You Drinking, Cam O'Connor?

A Pint With Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

We chat with Cam O'Connor, the brewmaster at Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. More

Coffee Legends: We Chat with Coffee Review's Kenneth Davids

Coffee Meister Post a comment

Coffee people of all stripes have long had an idol in Kenneth Davids, founder of Coffee Review and author of several time-honored coffee books, including Home Coffee Roasting, which remains one of the pivotal tomes for anyone hoping to cross over into next-level geekery. We recently caught up with this coffee statesman to get his perspective on how coffees should be rated, current blends and trends, and his pet peeves in specialty coffee today. More

Small-But-Mighty Coffee Roaster: Thanksgiving Coffee Company

Coffee Meister 1 comment

Every day is one of gratitude for the folks at seminal Mendocino County, CA roasters Thanksgiving Coffee Company. Thanks to founders Paul and Joan Katzeff's vision to create a responsible, artisanal coffee resource in me-centric 1970s California, Thanksgiving has enjoyed a long reputation of leading industrywide innovations in giving back as much as we take—from the earth, from the farmers, and from each other as professionals. More

A Pint With: Flying Dog Brewmaster Matt Brophy

A Pint With Jonathan Moxey 1 comment

I was first introduced to Flying Dog Brewery when they rolled out Gonzo Imperial Porter, their tribute to the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. The attitude and their beer—especially their Raging Bitch Belgian IPA, and Dog Schwarz, their Schwarzbier/Rauchbier hybrid—has kept me a fan ever since. I'm excited to have Brewmaster Matt Brophy take some time to tell us about what Flying Dog has been working on lately, the brewery's history with the Good Doctor and artist Ralph Steadman, and their recent fight for freedom of expression. More

The Cider Press: Finnriver Farm & Cidery, Washington

Chris Lehault 1 comment

We caught up with Crystie and Keith Kisler, co-owners with of Chimacum, Washington's Finnriver Farm & Cidery, to talk about living close to the earth and their methods for making cider. More

Meet & Eat: Blair Reynolds, Trader Tiki

Laren Spirer 2 comments

Since 2009, Blair Reynolds of Trader Tiki has been making small-batch syrups for home bartenders and professionals, with the goal of bringing tiki drinks to the masses without sacrificing quality or flavor. More

The Cider Press: Snowdrift Cider in Wenatchee, Washington

Chris Lehault 3 comments

Washington state is quickly becoming a hotbed for American craft cider. We recently caught up with Lars Ringsrud, the master blender and designer/marketer behind Snowdrift Cider Company in Wenatchee, Washington. "We're seeing an incredible momentum around cider right now. It hits the spot for people looking for a new flavor experience. It's gluten-free. It's so Washington!" More

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