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Instant Iced Coffee Investigation: Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Iced

Maggie Hoffman 18 comments

We're iced coffee addicts around SEHQ, often begging our poor interns to run over to Nolita Mart to fill our cold-brew growler. But sometimes you want instant satisfaction, so we were curious about Starbucks' new line of instant coffee meant for iced coffee. Would it be gritty? Stale-tasting? Or is it actually a viable caffeination solution? More

Serious Caffeine Rush: What Is Instant Coffee?

Meister 50 comments

We all know that when the need for coffee hits, it can be pretty urgent—but is it ever urgent enough to justify instant coffee? We look at what the speedy stuff is so you can be the judge next time you get antsy for that first cup. More

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