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Drink the Book: 'Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes'

Caroline Russock Closed

Author and ice cream enthusiast Adam Ried sees the milkshake as a blank canvas, a sweet and creamy medium to which all sorts of flavors and textures can be incorporated. In Ried's fabulous Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes he goes way beyond chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry with daring milkshake creations such as mocha-cardamom, raspberry-rose, and lemon-buttermilk. More

Coffee Chronicles: Van Leeuwen Artisanal Ice Cream...or Coffee?

Where to Drink: New York Liz Clayton 6 comments

Just in case you were worried: the ice cream community is finally taking coffee more seriously. And the latest entrant into the NY cafe game is, indeed, another ice cream parlor. Truck-famous Van Leeuwen Artisanal Ice Cream has opened their second retail storefront in Brooklyn, this time in the arguably coffee-underserved section of Cobble Hill. More

In Praise of the Black and White Malt

Brad Thomas Parsons 15 comments

The ingredients in a black and white are simple: vanilla ice cream, milk, chocolate syrup. Notice that chocolate ice cream doesn't come into the equation here. You'll often find black and whites made with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, but not in my book. The black and white is more than just a mix-up of vanilla and chocolate—it's the way the chocolate syrup introduces an underlying chocolate flavor to the rich vanilla without overpowering it that matters. More

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